Jet Fuel Drip (the all-rounder)

The original vitamin cocktail that started it all, with its range of high dose vitamins, will balance your body with fluids and electrolytes to boost energy, promote athletic performance and support a variety of health conditions.

R850 per session (R7 500 for 10 sessions)

 Skin Brightener

Brightens and evens out skin tone, reduces marked pigmentation, and gives you a healthy glow. Our skin brightening drip tightens and brightens to help turn back time from the inside out

R850 per session (R7 500 for 10 sessions)

 Immune Booster

Bring back health, energy, balance and harmony. Your best weapon to protect against seasonal illnesses and constant health niggles with 2000mg of Vitamin C directly into your blood stream.

R650 per session (R5 500 for 10 sessions)

 Sports Recovery

Muscle and fitness enhancement to achieve maximum output and recovery. Get the most out of your training regimen by increasing muscle efficiency and quicker recovery.

R800 per session (R7 500 for 10 sessions)

 Hangover Infusion

Banish the hangover blues and drip away the side effects of over-indulgence quickly and healthily with our hydrating hangover recovery infusion.

R700 per session (R6500 for 10 sessions)


Detox Infusion

Removes toxins, making it easier for your body to work more efficiently. The Detox drip helps relieve stress, supports weight loss, clears excess mucus and congestion, and improves general well-being.

R650 per session (R5 500 for 10 sessions)